Herbal Female Libido Supplements To Regain Sexual Desire After Childbirth

After childbirth the female reproductive opening becomes soft, loose and open. The swelling and dryness of the organ after childbirth takes time to go.
Some may claim to get back the lubrication and the normal pre birth shape but actually, the organ does not return to pre-birth shape. The time when the mother is nursing, the body produces less estrogen and this makes the surrounding muscular tissues – thin and dry. The problem of endocrine imbalance can make one feel irritated and less energetic towards conjugal activities. In certain cases, the husbands turn on fast due to changes in body but some may stay away from love as it becomes difficult for him to turn on with a nursing woman. The look, stimulation and smell of the female organ may not be same as before and there are many who suffer from relationships issues during this phase of life. Those worried about the condition effecting their relationships need to adopt alternative ways to regain sexual desire after childbirth.

Herbal Treatment For Low Libido

There are a number of stories of women who get back to normal ways after six weeks of childbirth but this is practically difficult as the women has to do a lot of work after childbirth. She may be overworking to ensure proper care to the new born and may have many restless sleepless nights. Conjugal activities and lovemaking with partner can be secondary and almost another chore, for which she may have to sacrifice her other part. During this phase she may shut down at the thought of getting into such interactions. There are many women who want to get back the pre birth body shape fast and suffer from faltering self-image.

The pressure to look gorgeous again can make her shy away from physical interaction with partner. The poor self-image, hectic work, the looseness down there and increased responsibilities in life kills the mood. Some studies claim breastfeeding moms suffers from dryness of the female reproductive opening due to estrogen deficiency. One requires a lot of patience and should treat oneself properly at this crucial moment of life to ensure proper health for self and the baby. Take foods rich in nutrients and one can use lubricants to get rid of dryness. One should not get pressurized to immediately get back the pre childbirth body image and to regain sexual desire after childbirth; one can use libido enhancement pills for women.

Supplement such as Kamni capsules are empowered with herbal support for the body to regain sexual desire after childbirth. It can reduce mental pressure of everyday life during this phase. Plant based isoflavones provides phyto estrogens to the body to prevent estrogen deficiency.

Natural female sexual enhancement pills contain Ayurvedic bhasmas to support declining tissue constitution surrounding the female reproductive organs to enhance its strength and the herbal formulae Kamni capsules provides phyto chemicals which can restore mineral imbalance. It restores the electrolyte balance of body tissues to get rid of dryness and swelling. It improves reflex reactions and stimulation of the muscles to get back the pre-birth libido.


Author: Jacob Mason

Jacob Mason is a passionate writer who has written numerous articles on topics concerning ayurvedic remedies for men health and women health. He writes informative articles on health-related issues and the use of natural health supplements.

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